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SSO for Cloud base app

 It was exceptionally good experience during POC. Team was very helpful right from integration to check the actual output of the product. We could evaluate very well all the scenarios of AD integration...  Read more 

IT Manager
Finance (non-banking)

Strategic planning and user training key to successful implementation of miniOrange plugin

 It is very helpful to our oraganization to use both internal and external users are managing with...  Read more 

Product Manager
Energy and Utilities

miniOrange Provides MFA that is "Set and Forget"

 miniOrange has been amazing from start to finish. I've never had an issue, their Support is responsive and it integrates seamlessly with an AWS Directory Service...  Read more 

IT System Administrator

Looking for a top-notch cybersecurity company that specializes in MFA?

 miniOrange is a great product at IAM, flexible to deployment (On-premise...  Read more 

Security Solution Engineer
IT Services