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Privileged Session 
Monitoring & Recording

The functionality offers heightened oversight & holds users accountable for their actions during privileged account access.

  Enables granular control over critical assets (databases, servers)

  Boosts accountability, minimizing misuse of privileges

  Real-time monitoring of sessions & user activities for organizational audits

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Privileged Session Management

What is Privileged Session Monitoring?

Privileged Session Monitoring, including session recording and session monitoring capabilities, offers an additional layer of oversight and holds users accountable for their actions when accessing privileged accounts. The session recording and monitoring functionalities enable organizations to monitor privileged sessions and capture privileged user activity in real-time. This helps to prevent intentional or unintentional misuse of privileged accounts and establishes non-repudiation.
Non-repudiation ensures that recorded evidence of user actions cannot be denied, providing strong evidence of user activities and preventing users from falsely repudiating their actions.

Commonly implemented within Privileged Access Management (PAM) systems, session monitoring, and recording are particularly beneficial for organizations seeking to effectively monitor privileged sessions and maintain a comprehensive record of user activities. Secure remote access connections to valuable or privileged systems can also be closely monitored using these capabilities.

Benefits of Privileged Session Monitoring & Recording

Faster Problem Resolution

Help desk support staff can address difficult-to-reproduce issues. By enabling the recording of user sessions, they can capture time-stamped visual records of errors, thus facilitating faster troubleshooting.

Automated and Dynamic Recording

Offers flexible policies to trigger automatic recordings of application and desktop sessions. It also supports dynamic recording, allowing IT personnel to monitor and examine user activity in real-time.

Enhanced Security

It boosts security for sensitive applications by offering a comprehensive record of user actions during privileged sessions. This includes keystrokes, screen activity, and file transfers, aiding in vigilant monitoring and deterring malicious behavior.


Administrators can monitor employees and third-party contractors, intervening in case of misuse and taking immediate action to terminate or block further misuse, enhancing security and accountability.

Session timestamping

There is an in-depth analysis with session timestamping, a trusted timestamp makes recorded sessions invaluable for use as forensic evidence in court. The feature supports trusted time-stamping services offered by third-party providers.

Onboarding and training

Users can capture and share work activity, aiding onboarding and training. Archived data serves as playback for new employees' learning and training materials for admin development and specific configurations.

Ensure compliance with our comprehensive security protocols throughout the entire product lifecycle for a seamlessly secure experience.








  Swift Security Framework

Features Of Privileged Session Monitoring & Recording

Comprehensive session tracking    

  Capture and monitor privileged user activities in real-time, preventing unauthorized activities and detecting suspicious behavior for enhanced security. It captures the actions of privileged users accessing specific privileged accounts, and also captures screen activity, recording file transfers, and system configuration changes.

Auditable session recordings    

  Recorded sessions are viewable and auditable, allowing review and connection to users, accessed accounts, and activities performed during the session. This provides a detailed record of user actions.

Customizable data capture    

  Customize session recording features to align with your organization's specific requirements. Gain flexibility in enabling or disabling data capture elements, such as selectively capturing keystrokes for sensitive applications.

CHeck out SSO Benefits
    Regulatory Compliance

  Keep a thorough privileged access audit trail, including session recordings, for regulatory compliance and audits. Monitoring and recording sessions boosts security, reducing data loss and breaches, aiding troubleshooting and compliance reporting.

    Efficient Incident Investigation and Forensics

  Facilitate prompt incident response and thorough forensic investigations by leveraging detailed records of privileged sessions, enabling identification and analysis of security incidents' source, scope, and impact.

    Accountability and Deterrence

  Promote accountability among privileged users, deterring misuse and enhancing security. Effectively track actions, ensure transparency, deter unauthorized activities, and foster a culture of responsibility and security awareness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is privileged access management necessary?

Privilege access management (PAM) is crucial for ensuring secure access to privileged accounts and sensitive resources. It helps organizations control and monitor privileged access, reducing the risk of unauthorized actions and data breaches.

What is a privileged session?

A privileged session refers to a user session with elevated privileges or access rights to critical systems, accounts, or resources. It typically involves users performing administrative or privileged operations that require additional oversight and monitoring due to the potential impact on security and data integrity.

What is a privileged session recording?

Privileged session recording involves capturing and logging the activities of users with privileged access to sensitive systems or accounts. It provides a detailed record of actions performed during a privileged session, aiding in auditing, accountability, and security analysis.

How do you monitor privileged accounts?

Monitoring privileged accounts involves implementing tools and processes to track and analyze activities performed by users with elevated privileges. This monitoring helps detect and prevent unauthorized actions, identify security incidents, and ensure compliance with security policies.

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