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SCIM  Provisioning

Automate user lifecycle management that provides frictionless and secure user identity information management between the identity providers and cloud/SaaS applications.

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SCIM Provisioning Integration

What is SCIM Provisioning?

System for Cross-domain Identification Management (SCIM) is an open standard which helps in automating the user identity lifecycle management process. SCIM Provisioning helps in establishing communication between cloud-based applications, by formalizing the integration between Identity Provider (user data platform/directory) and Service Provider (i.e. SaaS apps you need to access). Once SCIM Provisioning is integrated, 'Create,' 'Update,' and 'Delete' operations conducted in the IDP (where user data is kept) are automatically synchronized with the SPs (SaaS apps like Salesforce, AWS, Zoom, and others). This improves the security of user data while also simplifying the user lifecycle management process.

Simplify user/group permissions

User Provisioning

User provisioning is mostly used by organizations, especially IT to grant and regulate access to resources. In order to be effective, provisioning method must ensure consistent and simple management of account creation and access to software and data.

Group Provisioning

Group Provisioning is required when you wish to keep the same user hierarchy and access control in many apps at the same time. Between multiple programs, you may sync users with their correct group names.

Automated Provisioning

Cloud applications are automatically provisioned with user identities and roles that users require. The process of automated provisioning allows for the creation of new user identities as well as the maintenance and removal of existing ones when their statuses or roles change.

SCIM User Provisioning Flow

Benefits of SCIM Provisioning

Reduce Complexity

Using a centralized system, administrators can automate provisioning and manage many SAAS and cloud-based application accounts, reducing human errors and complexity.

Increase Productivity

Enhance your team productivity by automating onboarding-offboarding of users & streamlining user lifecycle management across applications.

Reduce Cost

Automated real time provisioning and elimination of idle user accounts/licenses cuts down the organizational costs

Integrate with our SCIM Provisioning Gateway

miniOrange SCIM Provisioning gateway integrates with a wide range of SaaS and Cloud-based applications, directories and Identity Providers.

SCIM Provisioning
Gateway Solution

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How does SCIM Provisioning Work?

SCIM Provisioning simplifies integration with web standards by functioning as a REST API, utilizing HTTP request methods like GET, POST, and DELETE. It involves setting up SCIM endpoints, such as identity resources, users, and groups, and encoding user identity attributes (like username, address, etc.) into these objects.These SCIM objects then operate with a common basic schema to exchange data with cloud applications and domains. In the SCIM environment, despite organization-imposed firewalls, Identity Providers and Service Providers can seamlessly communicate, making SCIM Provisioning an ideal for seamless integration.
Additionally, SCIM Provisioning centralizes identity management, ensuring consistent data between the identity provider and various service providers. This centralization significantly reduces operational costs. Administrators can automate processes for both provisioning and deprovisioning users, streamlining onboarding and ongoing management of user profiles and permissions. This automation contributes to an efficient and adaptable user management system.

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"miniOrange provides with a central place for user management along with Single Sign-On (SSO) with a simple and intuitive UI Interface. Also the solution comprised of load balanced servers in free, data replication and regular backup of data..."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use SCIM?

User accounts are growing fast as businesses expand and innovate. Requests to create and delete users, adjust permissions, and add new types of accounts all take up valuable time of the IT department. Through the automation of the user identity lifecycle management process, SCIM Provisioning integration improves user data security and streamlines the user experience. User IDs can be created using SCIM either directly in miniOrange or by importing them from other systems like Active Directory or HR software. Because it is a standard, user data is saved consistently and may be shared simultaneously across multiple apps.

How to adopt SCIM for your business?

The Provisioning app demands SCIM or API based integrations to enable SCIM Provisioning. miniOrange has provision to provide SCIM-based and API based integration to thousands of industry-leading applications to communicate and sync your data quickly and securely. You can try miniOrange SCIM integration free for 30 days to see how it can help you in streamlining your organization’s user identity management.

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