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Shopify Security
with CASB Solutions

Boost your Shopify security with Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). Get complete e-commerce store protection with customized security measures like location, time, IP address, and device restrictions. Eliminate the risk of unauthorized staff access, safeguard sensitive data, and experience true peace of mind with a fully protected Shopify store.

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Shopify security for Shopify Stores

What is Shopify CASB Solution?

Shopify CASB is a cloud security solution that is designed to protect your Shopify store from potential data breaches. It actively safeguards your online business by monitoring user actions, complying with regulations, preventing data risks, and keeping your e-commerce store safe. Ultimately, CASB adds an extra layer of protection to your Shopify store.

Benefits of Shopify CASB Integration

Shopify security-benefits of shopify casb

Data Security

CASB solution ensures robust protection of sensitive store information and transactional data against unauthorized staff access or breaches.

Threat Protection

Detects and mitigates potential threats and vulnerabilities, safeguarding Shopify stores from malicious activities.

Support for both Shopify Plus and Non-Plus stores

Shopify CASB Offers comprehensive security solutions tailored for both Shopify Plus and Shopify Non-Plus stores, ensuring scalability and coverage for diverse business needs.

Adaptive Restrictions

Adjusts access permissions dynamically that adapt based on real-time conditions and user behavior to prevent unauthorized staff actions.

Deep Visibility

Easily monitor when users are using the Shopify dashboard features and the Shopify apps down to the most granular level of detail.

Role-Based Access Control

Manages user permissions based on predefined roles and enforces granular access permissions, ensuring appropriate access levels and reducing security risks.

Features of Shopify CASB Integration

User Risk Score Assessment

Evaluate and assign a risk score to Shopify staff users based on their behavior and activities. When this risk score exceeds, all access to the Shopify store dashboard is revoked.

Analytics and Reporting

CASB integration provides SOC teams with detailed reports and analyses that help understand security threats better and identify longer periods of system downtime.

Shopify Network Restriction

Controls access to Shopify based on the network IP from which users connect, enhancing security by limiting access to trusted networks.

Shopify Country Restriction

Limits access to your online store based on specific countries, controlling what users can view and access.

Shopify Device Restriction

Manages access to Shopify based on the type and security posture of devices used, safeguarding against unauthorized access from unmanaged devices.

Multiple IDP Support

Allows integration with multiple Identity Providers (IDPs), enabling users to authenticate using different identity sources securely like Okta, Keycloak, MS Entra ID, Ping, OneLogin, and more.

Shopify Multi Staff Support

Facilitates the management of multiple staff accounts on your Shopify store, ensuring multiple users have secure access and permissions to the store dashboard.

Shopify Admin SSO Support

Enables Single Sign-On (SSO) for administrators accessing Shopify, streamlining access management and enhancing security by reducing password-related risks.

Risk Mitigation

Refers to strategies and controls implemented within Shopify CASB to reduce the likelihood and impact of security incidents, protecting against vulnerabilities and threats.

Integrate with Shopify Dashboard Services

Shopify Security- Analytics
Shopify Security-Orders
Shopify Security-products
Shopify Security-Reports
Shopify Security-Live View
Live View
Shopify Security-Marketing

Use Case: Shopify Multi Staff Account


A Shopify e-commerce store has a large team of staff members who require access to the Shopify admin dashboard to manage products, process orders, and assist customers.

Problem Statement:

As the team grows, the e-commerce store faces the issue of only allowing authorized staff to access the Shopify admin dashboard. Unauthorized access could harm the store’s operations and impact its business reputation.


The e-commerce store implements Shopify CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) with an IP whitelisting feature to restrict access to specific staff members' IP addresses. This way, CASB secures the Shopify admin dashboard, ensuring only authorized staff can access it, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

Shopify Security-usecase iamge

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I integrate CASB into my Shopify store?

Yes, integrating CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) into your Shopify store offers several benefits like complete visibility into user activities, detecting and preventing threats, and ensuring compliance with data regulations.

Can miniOrange CASB affect my Shopify store performance?

No, miniOrange CASB does not affect Shopify store performance, it only adds a layer of security to manage access to the store and its different sections.

Can miniOrange CASB restrict access based on user behavior?

Yes, miniOrange CASB can assign risk scores based on user behavior and temporarily restrict user access if suspicious activity is detected on your Shopify store and apps.

How does miniOrange provide after-sales support for Shopify CASB?

After integration, miniOrange provides comprehensive training and ongoing technical support to ensure you can fully leverage the CASB system for your Shopify store.

How do I set up miniOrange CASB integration with my Shopify store?

Contact us at info@xecurify.com to set up an appointment with our Shopify CASB experts, who will assist you with your specific needs.

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