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CASB Integration

Secure your Atlassian apps like Jira and Confluence with our Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). Our CASB solution guarantees top-tier app security and compliance, providing strong protection against unauthorized user access. Maximize the potential of your Atlassian tools with enhanced data security and visibility.

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atlassain casb integration for cloud Apps

What is Atlassian CASB?

Atlassian CASB is a cloud security solution that protects applications like Jira and Confluence from unauthorized access and data breaches. Our Atlassian CASB integration provides in-depth visibility into user activities, monitors risky behaviors, and dynamically revokes access to users and Atlassian apps when necessary.

Features of Atlassian CASB Integration

Atlassian CASB Integration features

Threat Mitigation

Continuously monitor and alert your SOC teams about unauthorized data access attempts, enabling swift action against internal attacks by revoking user access.

Analytics and Reporting

Get detailed reports and analysis of user activity to help your SOC team comprehend security threats and reduce system downtime.

User Risk Score Assessment

Assign risk scores to users based on their activity with Atlassian Cloud apps, enabling proactive security with strong restrictions and revoking access when thresholds are exceeded.

DLP Integration

Our DLP integration prevents unauthorized data downloads to devices and mitigates threats like sensitive data exploitation in Jira and Confluence, ensuring robust protection against data breaches.

Malware & Ransomware Protection

Our CASB solution protects your organization by detecting malware or ransomware attacks, instantly isolating affected Atlassian applications to contain and resolve threats effectively.

Detecting Shadow IT

Shadow IT means using software/hardware that the SOC team has not approved. Our Atlassian CASB solution identifies and prevents such unauthorized software and hardware from being used in the organization.

Benefits of Atlassian CASB Integration

Enhanced App Security

Our Atlassian CASB integration ensures complete app data protection by proactively detecting and mitigating threats, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Compliance Ready

Keeps your Atlassian apps and organizational data practices compliant with industry standards and regulations like GDPR, ITAR, HIPAA, and more.

Deep Visibility

Easily monitors user activity on Atlassian SaaS apps, down to the most granular level, enabling better control and management of Jira and Confluence.

Granular Access Control

Enables granular access control for individual user groups and Atlassian cloud apps to prevent unauthorized user access and safeguard the data stored on the apps.


Adapts to the growing needs of an organization and supports scalability without compromising security.

Additional Solutions

We at miniOrange also offer other Atlassian Cloud and DC products that can be integrated individually or alongside our CASB solution.

Flexible Deployment Options

CASB solutions from miniOrange can be easily deployed in your organization's existing environment.

Our Atlassian CASB Integration Ecosystem

Atlassian applications casb solution

Use Case: Atlassian CASB

Imagine a company that relies heavily on Atlassian applications like Jira and Confluence for collaboration and project management. However, the company is struggling with unauthorized access attempts by employees to sensitive information, which could lead to regulatory fines, loss of customer trust, and operational disruptions.

With miniOrange Atlassian CASB integration, the company can monitor all user access attempts in real time and alert the SOC team the moment unauthorized access is detected, enabling swift action to prevent any potential breach. This way, the company can ensure its enterprise cloud data is safe and follows industry standards such as GDPR, ITAR, HIPAA, and SOC.

CASB with Atlassian usecase example

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atlassian CASB?

Atlassian Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a security solution tailored for Atlassian Cloud Apps like Confluence and Jira, enhancing security and compliance through strong data control and user access restrictions.

How does Atlassian CASB integration work?

Atlassian CASB monitors user activities, identifies risks, and applies security policies to prevent unauthorized access or potential data breaches on Atlassian cloud apps.

How to integrate miniOrange CASB into Atlassian apps?

Integrating miniOrange CASB with Atlassian apps is simple to set up and configure. Learn how by clicking this link.

How do I begin using miniOrange Atlassian CASB Security?

Contact us at info@xecurify.com, and we'll connect with you to discuss your Atlassian CASB needs.

How does Atlassian CASB ensure data protection and compliance?

Atlassian CASB provides detailed insight gathering, Shadow IT detection, and malware mitigation, and actively controls data flow to prevent breaches and ensure compliance.

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