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Hybrid Work
Security Solution

Ensure the security of your hybrid work environment with miniOrange Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). Our cutting-edge CASB solution enables businesses that embrace a hybrid work model to preserve both employee flexibility and data protection. It effectively addresses the unique challenges that hybrid enterprises face, allowing employees to easily work from home or office while maintaining continuous productivity and security.

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Vulnerabilities of Hybrid Work Model

Vulnerabilities of Hybrid Work Model

Best Practices of miniOrange CASB for Hybrid Work Model

Best Practices of miniOrange CASB for Hybrid Work Model

How miniOrange CASB Improves Hybrid Work Security?

Businesses operating on a hybrid work model experience low visibility into employee behavior, making cloud apps and data vulnerable to attacks. miniOrange Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is designed specifically to counter these issues and help your company gain the most out of your hybrid work model.

Centrally Managed User Identities
All user identities are stored in a centralized system where their access permissions are configured and maintained. This is where all the authentication will take place based on the authentication methods configured and the users will be divided into groups based on their roles.
Set Up Security Restrictions
User Detection and Restriction
Effective Hybrid Operations
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is security a concern in hybrid work models?

Cloud apps can be vulnerable to attacks without proper security. Sharing data can raise privacy concerns and a lack of control over data increases security risks.

How does miniOrange hybrid work CASB help?

miniOrange hybrid work CASB encrypts data, detects threats, and prevents data leaks by controlling user access across cloud apps and devices.

Why choose miniOrange CASB solution for hybrid work model protection?

miniOrange CASB prioritizes your cloud security so you can enjoy a flexible and productive hybrid work environment.

What are the key features of miniOrange hybrid work CASB?

miniOrange hybrid work CASB offers multiple security features, like centrally managing user policies, setting security restrictions, detecting suspicious activity, and offering visibility for IT teams.

How do I install miniOrange CASB solution for a hybrid work model?

Contact us at info@xecurify.com to book an appointment with our CASB Solution experts, who’ll guide you through the entire installation process.

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