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IT Provisioning

Now integrate your HR and IT systems to manage your employee identities more efficiently. Automate the user onboarding and offboarding with user lifecycle management.

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HR-Driven IT Provisioning: User Management Login

Why do you need HR-Driven IT Provisioning?

HR systems are the most up-to-date systems containing records of employee information such as new hires, terminations, and promotions. But just because HR systems are always synchronized doesn’t mean all the other IT systems and applications are too. This calls for manual user data entry and synchronization by HR and the IT department. Moreover, HR and IT administrators have more valuable tasks to accomplish than repeated data entry. If there is any discrepancy of data across the network or applications in a organization, it makes space for security risks and reduced productivity for the team.

HR-driven IT Provisioning solution includes the process of establishing digital identities (automated creation, updation and deletion) through HR and IT systems. HR-driven IT Provisioning allows seamless integration between any HR application and IT systems, including central directory and other critical business applications. User will be synced automatically across all your applications through the HR application and will have the right set of access which is required.

The Challenge

HR IT Driven Provisioning

HR IT Driven Provisioning: secure network by switches and routers

The Solution

HR-Driven IT Provisioning solutions by miniOrange

HR-Driven IT Provisioning user management

User Management

Synchronize users effortlessly and control their access to devices, applications, networks, etc. with a personalized experience for both customers and organizations.

HR-Driven IT Provisioning for User Provisioning Deprovisioning


Create, manage, update & delete your external and internal user’s access to on-premises, cloud, and SAAS apps account.

HR-Driven IT Provisioning for Universal Directory

Universal Directory

Integrate multiple Directories with miniOrange to get a single Cloud directory to manage users, groups and their access.

IT Provisioning

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Benefits of HR-Driven IT Provisioning

Speeds up the process

Speed up the onboarding process as quickly as possible, when a new employee is onboarded. IT admins can automatically sync access to various applications based on their role, in the HR system.

Easy synchronization

Easily sync, and automatically update information from the HR system in real-time and apply them across all IT systems. Effortlessly manage any scenarios where authorization levels can change frequently.


Automation ensures freeing IT & HR admins by reducing the challenges and delays associated with manually managing profiles and account rights, mitigating security breaches by reducing the impact of human mistakes and improving operational efficiency.

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