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Password  Vault

Easily manage, update, rotate, dispose, delete or keep track of passwords, while seamlessly integrating them into existing systems.

  Ensures secure storage of privileged passwords in an encrypted vault

  Eliminates the risk of credential theft

  Improves endpoint security

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Password Vault Solution

What is Password Vaulting?

Password vaulting, also known as password management, is the practice of securely storing and managing credentials in a centralized system, such as an enterprise password vault, password locker, or password manager. Password vaulting involves storing sensitive login credentials, like usernames and passwords, in an encrypted format within this vault. It provides a centralized repository for managing and retrieving passwords, ensuring that they are securely stored and easily accessible when needed. This approach enhances security by eliminating the need for users to remember multiple passwords and promotes the use of strong and complex passwords for better protection against unauthorized access in the priviled access management solution . Password vaulting is a crucial aspect of password security and helps organizations mitigate the risks associated with password theft and unauthorized access to the privileged accounts and passwords.

Unleash the Power of a Password Vault:
Enhance Security, Simplify Password Management

Mitigation of Security Risks

When integrated into a comprehensive cybersecurity solution password vaulting as part of PAM reduces the overall attack surface & mitigates security risks associated with password-related vulnerabilities.

Automatic Password Resets

Password vaults support automatic password resets which maintains security and ensuring that passwords are regularly updated without user intervention.

Generate Strong Passwords

Password vaulting ensures the creation of strong & secure passwords, for optimal application protection, mitigating the risk of easy guessing or brute-force attacks.

Seamless Integration

Enterprise password vaults seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, removing disruptive and spammy credential prompts.

Sync across devices

Some password managers sync credentials across multiple operating systems and devices, further simplifying the login process.

Ensure compliance with our comprehensive security protocols throughout the entire product lifecycle for a seamlessly secure experience.








  Swift Security Framework

Benefits of Enterprise Password Vault Software

Centralized Security    

Password vault serves as a centralized repository to securely store & manage user accounts & passwords. This ensures protected passwords in a secure environment, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

PAM Integration    

Password vaulting is crucial in Privileged Access Management (PAM) to safeguard privileged accounts. PAM uses Role-based Access Control (RBAC) to limit access, reducing the risk of credential misuse.

Desktop & Cloud Based Options    

Password vaults provide desktop-based storage for local password management and cloud-based options that securely encrypt and store passwords in the cloud, granting accessibility from any device or browser.

CHeck out SSO Benefits
    MFA for Enhanced Login Flexibility

Password vaults with MFA offer added security by allowing secure access through OTP via SMS, phone callback, authenticator apps, miniOrange authenticator, email verification, hardware tokens, or security questions.

    Role-Based Password Access

Password vaults employ Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), restricting password access based on a person's role or job function. This ensures that employees can only access the accounts necessary for their specific responsibilities.

    Encryption Standards

Enterprise password vaults use robust encryption standards like AES-256 to ensure that passwords are stored securely and are resistant to unauthorized decryption attempts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a password vault do?

A password vault securely stores and manages user account passwords, providing a centralized and protected repository for easy access and enhanced security.

Are password vaults a good idea?

Yes, password vaults are a highly recommended solution for managing passwords as they improve security, enforce best practices, and simplify password management of privileged accounts for end users and organizations.

What is the difference between a password vault and a password manager?

A password vault typically refers to the secure storage component that stores passwords, while a password manager is a broader term that encompasses additional features such as password generation, auto-fill, and synchronization across devices.

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