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Configure SAP Successfactors Provisioning & Deprovisioning

SAP Successfactors Provisioning is an automated solution for Identity and Access Management that helps users provision their SAP Successfactors user’s identities or accounts to their existing or new applications in no time making Successfactors provisioning a fast solution for identity and access management.

SAP Successfactors User Provisioning and deprovisioning actions are bi-directional that create accounts inside an external application as well as import them into miniOrange, or alternatively create the accounts in miniOrange and then import to any linked external applications. miniOrange user provisioning allows you to update & manage the user information in your database or applications when you perform creation (new hire), updation (role change) or deletion (termination) in your miniOrange service. SAP Successfactors Deprovisioning involves the removal of an user and their access from multiple applications and network systems at once during termination and role change within the organization.

Thus SAP Successfactors Provisioning helps in the synchronization of their attribute’s data across multiple user stores and downstream applications , management of their access privileges and user data throughout the user lifecycle and enhancement of their security profile by removing access to sensitive applications and content.

This step-to-step provisioning guide will help you to configure User Provisioning for SAP SuccessFactors to enable automated provisioning in all the integrated applications.

SAP Successfactors Provisioning flow


  • SAP Successfactors prerequisites to enable Provisioning
    • Contact SuccssFactors or the implementation partner to get the SuccessFactors SF API enabled for your tenant. They will need to log in to the Provisioning Access Console > Select your company > Company Settings > Under Web Services, and check the SFAPI and Employee Central SOAP API fields.
  • miniOrange prerequisites to enable Provisioning

Provisioning & Deprovisioning Scenarios

miniOrange provides solutions for all scenarios of enabling provisioning, which includes AD Integration, LDAP Integration and automated provisioning for all External Applications such as Office 365, Google Workspace, SAP Successfactors, etc

Follow the Step-by-Step Provisioning Guide given below to enable SAP Successfactors Provisioning

1. Configure Provisioning in SAP Successfactors

  • Login into miniOrange Admin Console.
  • From the Provisioning section select Custom Application from the dropdown.
  • Enter the following configuration details:

    Create User Endpoint Url Enter the create user endpoint url
    Update User Endpoint Url Enter the update user endpoint url
    Delete User Endpoint Url Enter the delete user endpoint url
    Password Sync Endpoint Url Enter the password sync user endpoint url
    Authorization Header Key Name Enter the headers for the API call
    Authorization Header Field Name Enter the header field name for the API call
    Content Type Select the content type for API Request
    Request Parameters Enter the API Request parameters
    Status Key Enter the key containing the status of the ARI Response
    Success Value Enter the success value for the status key
    Error message Enter the key containing the error message
  • Configure SAP Successfactors Provisioning

  • To Add API attributes for attribute mapping, click + and enter API Attribute and its corresponding Attribute Value.
  • Enable SAP Successfactors Provisioning : Configure Attributes

  • Enable the provisioning features such as Import User, Create User, Edit User, Delete User and Password Sync which you want for users and click Save.
  • Configure SAP Successfactors Provisioning

2. Import Users

  • Go to Import Users Tab and select SAP Successfactors from the dropdown. Click on Import to create users in miniOrange.
  • Enable SAP Successfactors Provisioning : Import Users

  • Once the import is done. You can view these users in Users >> User List.

3. Create Users

  • To create a user in miniOrange, Go to Users >> User List >> click on the Add User button.
  • Fill out user basic information and click on Create User button.
  • Enable SAP Successfactors Provisioning : Add User

  • After creating user in miniOrange it will automatically create the same user in SAP Successfactors.

4. Edit Users

  • To update user profile, Go to Users >> User List.
  • Select a particular user and in Actions dropdown select Edit.
  • Enable SAP Successfactors Provisioning : Select Edit User

  • Fill out user updated information and click on Save button.
  • Configure SAP Successfactors Provisioning : Edit User

5. Delete Users

  • To delete user, Go to Users >> User List.
  • Select a particular user and from Actions dropdown select Delete.
  • Enable SAP Successfactors Provisioning : Select Delete User

  • A pop up will appear. Click on the Yes button.
  • Configure SAP Successfactors Provisioning : Delete User

6. Password Sync

  • To send password sync emails to the users with the links to reset their SAP Successfactors account password, Go to Users >> User List and click on Onboarding Status tab.
  • Select users and from Select Action dropdown select Send Activation Mail with Password Reset Link.
  • Click on Apply.
  • Enable SAP Successfactors Provisioning : Password Sync

  • Click on the activation link and it will direct to reset password.
  • Once the new password is set, it will be synced.

View Provisioning Reports

How to access Provisioning Reports?

  • Navigate to the Reports in the left-hand navigation pane and select Provisioning Report.
  • Provisioning Report

  • Filter the reports by specifying Enduser Identifier and Application Name criteria. Additionally, choose the desired timespan for the reports. Once done, click on the Search.
  • Search Provisioning Report

  • Alternatively, you can directly click on Search to retrieve all provisioning reports based on time without applying any specific filters.

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