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User Lifecycle

Grant and manage access to your services with reduced human mistakes, improved operational efficiency, and elimination of security breaches

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User Lifecycle Management

What is User Lifecycle Management?

User Lifecycle Management (ULM) is a solution by miniOrange works on the principle of One User, One Identity, and One Infrastructure approach for easy access and managing all the employees. For HR and IT departments, it means creating a single Identity for an employee who will get all the required access to systems and resources based on some pre-existing rules. Manual onboarding and offboarding of employees can take hours and is an error-prone task. ULM solution provides a simple, user-friendly, and secure solution to the everyday woes of the backdoor IT department.

User Lifecycle Management Supported Operations

Create User

Using First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, and other attributes passed by Identity Provider, create users across multiple applications/directories.

Update User

All Attributes are updated across multiple applications/directories when a user is updated in the Identity Provider.

Delete User

Users deleted from the IDP also get deleted from the user list across multiple applications, systems, and directories.

Bidirectional Sync

After updating a user in miniOrange, it will automatically get updated in all the Integrated directories/applications.

User Lifecycle
Management Pricing

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User Lifecycle Management

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User Lifecycle Management (ULM) Features

Automated Provisioning & Deprovisioning

Automatically enroll new employees and manage user access from systems, applications & data instead of manual assignment with automated provisioning and deprovisioning . This is synced into miniOrange at regular intervals, such as hourly, daily, or weekly.

HR Driven Provisioning

Create and manage digital identities based on a human resources system. User Lifecycle Management service enables automation of the HR-based provisioning for BambooHR, Paylocity, Workday sync, etc.

Group Provisioning

Assign users into groups according to their role and synchronize user groups with all relevant apps with relevant granted access. Access can be rolled out based on group rules when departments or teams implement a new tool or change an employee's status.

Automated Provisioning and Deprovisioning

User Lifecycle Management - Manage your work Effortlessly

Streamlined Lifecycle Management

Import, Export, Update and Delete user data throughout the system without any manual intervention. The User Lifecycle Management solution allows you to maintain your systems with the latest user profiles continuously.

Multiple directory integration support

miniOrange supports synchronization for multiple directory integrations like G Suite, Active Directory, AWS, etc. User directory provisioning enables you to create, update, and delete users in your cloud applications and your On-Premise applications.

Attribute Mapping

Store user attributes like Username, Email, First Name, Last Name, Group/Role, Display Name, etc. in miniOrange. The Attribute Mapping in User Lifecycle Management (ULM) helps you to map these user attributes sent by the IDP to your specific applications or systems.


Strengthen Security

Manual User Management processes increase security risks. Strengthen your security with automated user access management.

Maximize Productivity

Improve your team productivity by automating onboarding-offboarding of users & streamlining user lifecycle management across applications.

Reduce Cost

Automated real-time provisioning and elimination of idle user accounts/licenses reduce your organization's costs.

Increase Efficiency

Provide necessary access to employees, contractors, and partners as needed, which helps to improve efficiency and productivity.

Ease of Use

Centralized systems allow administrators to automate account provisioning and reduce human error and complexity.

Reduce Complexity

Using a centralized system, administrators can automate User Lifecycle Management (ULM) and manage many application accounts, reducing human errors and complexity.

User Lifecycle Management solutions by miniOrange

User Management

User Management

Synchronize users effortlessly and control their access to devices, applications, networks, etc. with a personalized experience for both customers and organizations.

User Provisioning Deprovisioning

User Provisioning

Create, manage, update & delete your external and internal user’s access to on-premises, cloud, and SAAS apps account.

Universal Directory

Universal Directory

Integrate multiple Directories with miniOrange to get a single Cloud directory to manage users, groups and their access.

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