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Corporate / Office Network Security Solution

Secure your corporate network and cloud apps access with miniOrange Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). Our CASB solution enhances productivity, offers employees greater work flexibility, and safeguards the data of your company.

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Vulnerabilities of Corporate Networks

Vulnerabilities of Corporate Networks

Best Practices of CASB for Corporate Network Security

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) actively works to reduce the risk of data security and prevent users from accessing data from outside the corporate network.

Best Practices of CASB for Corporate Network Security

How to secure corporate networks with miniOrange CASB?

With the implementation of miniOrange Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), your corporate cloud applications and data are consistently protected from potential external and internal threats that might otherwise lead to data breaches. It ensures the security of your cloud infrastructure by defending against malware attacks and providing additional advantages such as improved access management, robust data security, compliance assurance, and centralized administrative capabilities.

Unified User Identity Management
Manage user identities from a central point of storage, where you can configure access permissions for all the cloud apps and data when employees are on the office network.
Dynamic Security Restrictions
Secure File Sharing and Collaboration
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major threats that corporate networks face?

Corporate networks face threats like unauthorized app and device usage (Shadow IT), low user monitoring, unrestricted cloud access, and limited cloud protection.

Is miniOrange CASB right for my office network?

If your company uses cloud apps, miniOrange CASB is a great way to boost your security. It gives you peace of mind by showing who is accessing your data and network.

Is miniOrange CASB easy to use?

miniOrange CASB Solution is easy to deploy and use. It is designed to work smoothly with all your existing cloud networks.

How can miniOrange CASB secure my corporate network?

miniOrange CASB solution monitors cloud app access, detects threats, and enforces security policies to keep your data safe. It protects cloud data from breaches and malware attacks.

What is the first step toward installing a miniOrange CASB solution?

Contact us at info@xecurify.com to book an appointment with our CASB Solution experts, who’ll guide you through the entire installation process.

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