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Privileged Session 
Management (PSM)

Establish a strong position against misuse of privileged access by overseeing, monitoring & documenting privileged sessions for high-risk accounts.

  Manages and documents privileged user actions (human or automated).

  Tracks all activities under privileged accounts, providing insights, including user access, location, intent, and time.

  Receives real-time notifications for detecting and responding to suspicious activity.

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Privileged Session Management

$3.86 Million

Average Cost of Data Breaches


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Avoid Fines

GDPR, HIPAA, and More

What is a Privileged Session Management?

Privileged Session Management (PSM) is a security practice that controls, monitors, and records access to privileged accounts during user sessions, ensuring only authorized individuals can access sensitive systems and data.

It utilizes advanced vaulting technology within PAM sessions, PSM provides a robust framework for managing privileged accounts and offers comprehensive audits through detailed session recordings and video logs of all activities conducted by IT administrators on remote systems. By facilitating a secure log-in to target systems or applications through a proxy machine, PSM ensures that privileged credentials remain protected.

A privileged session manager maintains system security, particularly in sessions where users with administrative rights access critical IT infrastructure, locally or remotely. Example: a database administrator engaging in a PAM session to access sensitive corporate data or a third-party vendor using remote access tools within a management session.

This layer adds essential oversight and accountability, preventing misuse and ensuring compliance with established privileged access management (PAM) policies. Ultimately, the privileged session manager acts as a control point, enhancing security and ensuring that administrative activities are conducted safely and with best practices.

How Privileged Session Management Works?

Remote Session Management

Remote Session Management

Remote session management plays an important role in Privileged Access Management (PAM), facilitating secure user or system authentication during sessions with elevated privileges. It ensures the safe transmission of complex credentials over encrypted network communications, safeguarding information from unauthorized access.

  • Capable of utilizing protocols like Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and Secure Shell (SSH).
  • Acts as a proxy, enabling sessions without disclosing actual credentials to users.
  • Automatically transfers credentials securely from a vault to the target device/application.
  • Prevents credential leaks by securely managing credential transfers.
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Enforce Least Privilege

Privileged Session Monitoring

Through live-session monitoring It oversees privileged sessions in real-time, allowing administrators to detect suspicious or unauthorized activities, particularly in scenarios involving critical systems, remote desktops, or external vendors.

  • Admins are notified when privileged sessions start, ensuring immediate awareness.
  • Privileged Behavior Analytics or SIEM systems correlate session events with alert levels.
  • Admins can swiftly respond to suspicious activities by messaging the user, adjusting privileges, or terminating the session.
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Explore Privileged Session Recording

Privileged Session Recording

It is a valuable security tool that captures every keystroke and action taken during a session for future review and analysis. In the event of a privileged attack, session recording allows organizations to sift through past recordings to identify the source of the breach and adjust security policies to prevent incidents.

  • Implements strict filters to record only privileged sessions, omitting less relevant activities.
  • Focuses on capturing activities within secure sessions to prevent privacy breaches.
  • Uses recordings to identify and correct errors by privileged users, improving performance.
  • Session recordings demonstrate common mistakes and best practices to other privileged users.
Privileged Session Monitoring & Recording

Boost Visibility with Policy Audit

Workflow Management

Workflow management in privileged account security can be enhanced by incorporating approval requirements for accessing privileged sessions. This setup reinforces security and ensures transparency regarding who is accessing sensitive information and why.

  • Pre-approved access to privileged sessions maintains clear records of requesters and purposes.
  • Dual-control requirement complies with European regulations for viewing sensitive materials.
  • Workflow rules like Dual Control assign approvers to monitor and review session activities, facilitating easy audit and verification.

Auditing and reporting of privileged sessions

Auditing and reporting of privileged sessions

Auditing and reporting of privileged sessions are crucial for maintaining compliance with rigorous regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, and PCI, which require monitoring of actions performed by privileged accounts. Here’s how advanced session management systems facilitate this:

  • Through Audit Logs all privileged sessions are captured for tamper-proof compliance verification.
  • Enables long-term storage and quick, system-efficient report generation with precise activity filtering.
  • Through Role-Based Access auditors can access session recordings with specific user roles, ensuring data security.
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Features of Endpoint Privilege Management

Session Recording and Playback

  • Records and captures all user actions during access to critical assets.
  • The recordings are available for replay.
  • Helps in forensic analysis and audits.
  • Provides a detailed view of user interactions with the system.
Session Recording and Playback

Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring

  • Enables real-time monitoring of privileged sessions.
  • Security administrators can monitor sessions in real-time.
  • Facilitates immediate detection and intervention against suspicious or unauthorized actions.
  • Enhances security by enabling swift response to potential threats.

Collaboration Capabilities

  • Supports collaboration by enabling multiple team members to join live monitoring sessions.
  • Collective oversight enhances decision-making and incident response efficiency.
  • Ensures critical insights are shared among team members.
  • Facilitates better collaboration for effective response to incidents.
Collaboration Capabilities

Looking for Enhanced Security Control?

Privileged Access Management seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure, ensuring secure and
managed access to critical systems

Benefits of Privileged Session Management Tools

Enhanced Security and Risk Reduction

PSM acts as a secure gateway, creating a protected channel between user devices and systems, preventing unauthorized access, and eliminating the need for password sharing.

Granular and Temporary Access for Third Parties

Enables easy provisioning and de-provisioning of role-based access for third parties, ensuring they only have necessary access without permanent credentials.

Real-Time Monitoring and Response

Identifies and terminates suspicious or unauthorized activities in real-time, allowing for immediate actions against potential security breaches.

Centralized Management and Efficient Supervision

Facilitates centralized administration of distributed IT assets, improving productivity and ensuring better accountability through standardized policies.

Tightened Governance and Proactive Mitigation

Provides tools for effective monitoring and management of assets, promoting transparency and enabling proactive mitigation of insider threats through session recording and shadowing.

Regulatory Adherence and Audit Facilitation

Helps organizations comply with various industry standards and simplifies meeting audit requirements by recording all critical IT activities.

Ensure compliance with our comprehensive security protocols throughout the entire product lifecycle for a seamlessly secure experience.








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Frequently Asked Questions

What is session management?

Session management refers to the process of handling user sessions from start to finish within any computing environment. It includes the creation, maintenance, and termination of sessions.
In the context of security, session management often focuses on how these sessions are authenticated, tracked, and secured against unauthorized access.

What are Privileged Sessions in PAM?

Privileged sessions in PAM (Privileged Access Management) are secure, monitored sessions that grant users temporary access to critical systems and resources with elevated permissions.
These sessions are controlled through privileged session management techniques to ensure that all activities are recorded and that access is only granted for the duration necessary to complete specific tasks.

How to create a Privileged Session?

To create a privileged session, a privileged session manager in a PAM environment is used. The process typically involves the following steps: a user requests access to a resource, the request is evaluated against established policies, and upon approval, the session is initiated through a secure, controlled environment.
This privileged session allows for detailed auditing and monitoring as per compliance and security requirements.

What is PSM in PAM?

PSM in PAM (Privileged Access Management) refers to the specific techniques and tools used to manage and secure privileged sessions. This includes ensuring that each PAM session is conducted in a controlled environment, with comprehensive logging and monitoring to detect any malicious activity or unauthorized access.
PSM is a core element of PAM, essential for maintaining security in environments where elevated access rights are necessary.

What is PSM in cybersecurity?

In cybersecurity, PSM (Privileged Session Management) is a component of PAM that focuses on securing, managing, and monitoring privileged sessions. This management session strategy is vital for preventing unauthorized access and potential security breaches by providing a secure, monitored gateway for accessing critical systems and data.

Importance of Privileged Session Manager for the cloud?

A privileged session manager is crucial for cloud environments as it provides secure access to cloud-based resources and services. It ensures that all privileged sessions are conducted within a secure, isolated management session framework, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.
The manager also facilitates compliance with various regulations by ensuring that all actions taken during a session are logged and auditable.

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