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Remote Work Security
with CASB

The chain reaction of the COVID-19 pandemic has made remote work environments the new norm, making a CASB solution an essential tool for businesses. miniOrange Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) eliminates data security concerns for remote work security. It is designed to monitor employees working remotely without the need to sacrifice data integrity and work productivity.

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Vulnerabilities of Remote Work Security Model

Vulnerabilities and Risks of Remote Work Security Model

Remote Work Security Best Practices with CASB

Best Practices of CASB for Remote Work Security Risks

Elevate Remote Work Security with miniOrange CASB Solutions

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Solutions ensure comprehensive remote work security for cloud apps and data used on a daily basis by your organization. It offers you complete visibility over the apps and resources that employees use from remote work locations. Enjoy features like centralized cloud access management, compliance assurance, and strong cloud data protection with our CASB Security in place.

Centralized Access Management
Provide a centralized management console for administrators to configure and enforce security policies across all remote cloud apps and services.
Implement Remote Work Access Security
Real-time Visibility
Compliance Assurance
Best Practices of CASB for Corporate Network Security workflow images

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is CASB important for remote workers?

Remote workers mostly make data transfers outside of the office network. CASB secures access to cloud apps and prevents data breaches in remote work environments.

How can miniOrange CASB protect my remote work data?

miniOrange CASB monitors and controls data traffic which helps prevent data leaks. It also ensures compliance with data privacy regulations within remote work models.

Can miniOrange CASB integrate with my existing remote IT infrastructure?

Yes, miniOrange CASB can integrate seamlessly with your existing IT security tools and infrastructure through APIs.

How does miniOrange CASB help comply with remote work regulations?

miniOrange CASB enforces policies that ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR or HIPAA. It provides audit trails, data loss prevention, and encryption to safeguard sensitive information in remote work scenarios.

How to get customized CASB remote work solutions from miniOrange?

Contact us at info@xecurify.com to book an appointment with our CASB Solution experts, who’ll guide you to your desired remote security solutions.

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Remote Work Security with CASB Solutions for organizations

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