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Privileged Access 
Management (PAM)

  Achieve enhanced security with Granular Access Control and strict adherence to the principle of least privileges.

  Secure endpoint access and streamline Privileged Password Management through Automated Password Rotation.

  Monitor privileged user sessions by recording live sessions, enabling robust security for your organization.

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Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Privileged Access Management: Why is it important?


The Problem

  • Misuse of privileges is a prevailing cybersecurity threat, causing significant financial losses and potential business disruptions.
  • The increasing number of endpoints and the growing complexity of cyber threats make organizations more vulnerable than ever.
  • The lack of password management, using the same password for a longer period by the users allows the hackers to hack the password easily.
  • Poor Access Management is another issue faced by organizations. Without monitoring and auditing, the system remains vulnerable to unauthorized access.
  • Lack of visibility and awareness of privileged users, accounts, assets, and credentials of shared accounts and passwords.

The Solution

  • PAM ensures complete control and accountability over all privileged accounts within an organization.
  • Manage privileges automatically with secure endpoint access by discovering machines, accounts, and applications with admin rights, both on workstations and on cloud servers.
  • Privileged Account Password Management and password rotation ensures strong password policies and allows auto password rotation which make sure all the new password are following the best password policies.
  • Granular access control of PAM allows you to structure your security infrastructure the way you want, giving, adjusting the level of access and revoking access for whomever you wish, whenever you wish, all on your own terms.
  • PAM is crucial for maintaining security and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access, misuse, or abuse of privileged accounts. It helps organizations enforce the principle of least privilege, where users are granted only the permissions necessary to perform their specific tasks, reducing the potential attack surface.





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How does PAM work?

Privileged Access Management (PAM) Features

A PAM solution identifies the people, processes, and technology that require privileged access and specifies the policies that apply to them. This ensures maximum security for your organization with frictionless access to your employees.

The architecture incorporates strong authentication and access control mechanisms to ensure only authorized individuals can access privileged accounts. This involves implementing SSO, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and access controls that enforce granular permissions and policies. By implementing strong password policies and regularly rotating passwords, robust authentication is ensured for privileged accounts. Additionally, session management capabilities are included to monitor and control privileged user sessions, with the ability to start, terminate, and record live sessions.

A Complete Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solution

Password Vault & rotation

Implement strong passwords, MFA, & regularly rotate & manage privileged account credentials with industry-standard encryption for secure password management.

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Agentless PAM

Streamline deployment with a PAM solution that cuts out individual endpoint agents. This minimizes agent-related risks, enhancing overall privileged access security.

Session Monitor & Record

Monitor and record privileged user sessions to detect unauthorized activities & suspicious behavior, aiding auditing, compliance, & post-incident investigations.

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Regular Reviews & Audits

Conduct periodic reviews & audits of privileged access, including permissions, usage, & activities, to ensure compliance, identify risks, & make necessary adjustments.

Granular Access Control

Employ fine-grained access controls, based on the principle of least privilege, to limit & manage access to privileged accounts.

JIT Privileged Access

Grant temporary, on-demand (Just In Time) access to privileged accounts for a specific period, following a formal request & approval process.

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Privileged Account Discovery

Identify & inventory all privileged accounts across the organization, including those on servers, databases, network devices, & applications.

Endpoint Privilege Management

Managing remote endpoint privileges based on the policies defined with robust security controls.

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