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Secure SSO & MFA Solution For Clarity Benefits

Clarity Benefit Solutions was looking for a safe and secure way to access their resources because they had multiple custom applications as well as a WordPress site.




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Clarity Benefit Solutions, headquartered in Clark, New Jersey, is a HIPAA-compliant benefits administration and technology firm founded in 1990. They specialize in Benefit Administration, Pre-tax Consumer Benefits, COBRA, Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Ready for Life, LPFSA, FSA, Wage Parity, Quick Claim, and Smart Ride.


Handling and storing customer data can be difficult for any organization in the healthcare industry. In addition, patient history and data are private and must not be compromised. As a result of these factors, it is critical to safeguard access to company resources and applications.

Clarity Benefit Solutions was looking for a safe and secure way to access their resources because they had multiple custom applications as well as a WordPress site that acts as a Portal to access all of the applications. They were also looking for a streamlined solution for user onboarding and enforcing 2-factor authentication. miniOrange provided them with the required solution, which is depicted below.

miniOrange Solution

User on-boarding

Clarity Benefit Solutions used six custom applications and one WordPress site to serve nearly 10,000 users. They decided to use a single sign-on solution to simplify access to their resources.

The first step in onboarding was to sync all of the users from their database into miniOrange. This was carefully integrated to ensure that sensitive information was not shared with miniorange. APIs were used to onboard users into miniOrange after the initial user migration. This was done in order to validate all user identities before granting them access to their applications. After the users were synced, all registered users could seamlessly single sign-on without having to remember usernames and passwords for each login.

Multi-Factor Authentication for secure access

Using a single login ID and password to access all applications can expose an organization to phishing attacks and data theft. Any breach can result in massive losses. To counteract this, a Second Factor of Authentication (2FA) was added to increase security.

miniOrange supports over 15 different 2FA methods for authentication. Clarity Benefit Solutions decided to set up the OTP over SMS & Email method because they had their own SMS gateway. Every time a new user attempted to access the applications, they were asked for a second factor. A 6-8 digit One Time Password (OTP) was sent to the registered mobile number and email address of the users. To gain access and authenticate themselves, users had to enter this password.

A Custom solution for registered users

Clarity Benefit Solutions was looking for a seamless login experience for their registered users in addition to enabling the Second Factor. Users were required to enter their credentials for the first and second factor when attempting to log into the applications for the first time. miniOrange remembers the device after a successful login.

With the miniOrange Device restriction solution, every time the user tried to login again, they were not challenged for any form of 2-factor authentication, and were able to sign-on to all company applications. This ensured that once authenticated, registered users had unrestricted access to all applications.

In addition, they were given a white labeled domain and a customized login page to ensure a personalized user experience.


Clarity Benefit Solutions has thus secured their data and simplified access to their resources by implementing the miniOrange cloud SSO and MFA solution.

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