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Version 3.3.5

New Features/Integrations:

  • For Microsoft Apps, added option to download federate-domain script.
  • Added Single Logout Feature for SAML, OAuth, and JWT applications against all types of Identity Providers and Users Stores.
  • During SSO all attributes can be sent to the JWT app in case of miniOrange acts as a user store.
  • Added support for Adaptive Authentication, option to configure default IdP for a JWT application.
  • Included Support for Sign-in with Apple ID.
  • Added option to Show/Hide Forgot Password Link to Users.
  • KCE in implicit grant for OAuth applications.
  • Support for Microsoft Authenticator in Adaptive Authentication Flows.
  • Added Forgot Password Page to the list of customizable pages. Users can now customize this page to their liking.
  • Added Radius Authentication Reports + Rate Limiting.
  • Improvements in App Icon Upload Feature.
  • New Customer Admins can now inherit features and settings from SuperAdmin.
  • Authy Authenticator has been integrated as a 2FA method.
  • Attribute mapping for JWT Apps.
  • TitleTool Application Integration.
  • Added on the fly user creation for the database as an authentication source.
  • Google and Microsoft apps can now be used selectively.
  • Updates in User APIs.
  • German Language support for end-user.
  • Improve Single Sign-On and Logout Audits.
  • Option to choose 2fa methods from configured methods.
  • User is now prompted to set up their second factor during the first login itself.
  • Improvements in API as authentication source flow.
  • Enforce 2FA on Additional Admins from the main Customer Admin.
  • Invoking inline registration flow from user onboarding email.
  • C200 TOTP token integration.
  • Added Post Binding for SAML SLO.
  • Improvements around Policy Based Access for Browser Extension Apps.
  • Added GitHub SWA app.
  • Added support for IDP-initiated SSO for JWT Apps.
  • Improvements around Adaptive Authentication (Fingerprint Based Device Identification).
  • Improvements around Radius Authentication Audits and Reports.
  • Usability improvements around IDP Inline Registration.
  • EndUser Dashboard improvements for Apps.
  • UI/UX improvements for Group Views and On-boarding page.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Added a separate app for the Passwordless type app.
  • RADIUS Flow Performance Improvements.
  • Fixes for session issues when miniOrange is the User Store and multiple apps are involved.
  • Fixes in the desktop app section and edit the app.
  • Fixes for HTTP Calls not encoding data/body in the UTF-8 charset.
  • Twitter Fix – Social login plugin & External IDP.
  • Fixes for a few UI issues for the Admin and end-users for 2FA configurations.
  • Fixes for Device Restriction, Deny Case.
  • DB Provisioning Fixes.
  • Fixes for app credentials CSV upload.
  • Fixes for sending SMS while spaces are their phone numbers.
  • Handled the case where the password is null in radius request.
  • Fixed attribute mapping in DB as User Store and API as User Store Configuration for MySQL DB.
  • Fixes for ClassCastException during on-premise initialization.
  • Fixes for unexpected customer email updation whenever an end user updates the email.
  • Fixed a bug around database connectivity issues with MSSQL servers as an authentication source.
  • Fixes for the tooltip on the LDAP Configuration page.
  • Bug Fixes for OAuth Flow.
  • MDCFilter fixes for API flows.
  • Minor Fixes for push notification bugging out during SSO with SAMLIdentity provider.
  • Fixes for pwd_less/static application around add policy, group-based restriction, and added migration query for old passwordless apps.
  • Fixed an issue where SSO wasn’t working for IFrame embedded view/applications.
  • On The Fly User Creation for BigCommerce.
  • SAML Domain Mapping errored out in some cases.
  • IDP Session Timeout only used to work for miniOrange as IDP.
  • Fix to create an enabled end-user in AD if password sync is on.
  • A Random password was being assigned to users in AD in some cases.
  • Fixes around request and response binding for SLO in broker flow.
  • Fixed an issue where SSO failed when the browser’s developer console was open.
  • Fixes and improvements around what settings can be imported from super admin while adding a new customer admin.