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Version 3.3.35

New Features/Integrations:

  • Ability to prevent concurrent logins for users.
  • Added support for Basic Authorization while configuration SMS Gateways.
  • Added support for 2FA for JWT and OAuth applications.
  • Edit Email for Customers and End-Users.
  • Support for Vendor Specific Attributes for VPN Servers.
  • AutoProvision users to BigCommerce during SSO.
  • Ability to Download the License files from Admin Portal. Only Cloud

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Usability improvements for configure 2FA Methods.
  • Improved the default search filters available during LDAP Configuration.
  • Login with a username for 2FA/Adaptive Authentication flow using External IDP.
  • Fixes for Test Attribute Mapping when Gateway is used.
  • Fixes for IdP policy check during broker flow.
  • Fixes for radius authentication with miniOrange users when Multiple LDAP with domain mapping is set.
  • In AD Set the default country code for users not having one while importing.
  • UI Fixes for Custom SAML APP.
  • Better error handling for insufficient SMS transactions while adding new users.
  • Bug fixes and improvements when users are updating their phone numbers.
  • Fixes in Radius Authentication flow with Azure AD as User Store.
  • Better error handling while setting User Capabilities.
  • Fix for Custom CSS and JS being overridden when branding is updated.
  • UI Fixes for SMS Gateway Configuration Page.
  • Updated guides and resources to use the Database as a User Store.
  • Improvements around Branding Configuration. Only On-Premise
  • Better error message while adding Invalid or Canceled Cards. Only Cloud
  • Option to delete the default saved card. Only Cloud