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Version 1.0.4

New Features/Integrations:

  • Added support for the miniOrange authenticator app for 2FA. It includes methods like QR Scan, Push notification, Soft Token.
  • Added support for device-based adaptive authentication (Risk-based authentication).
  • Added support for SAML response encryption and configurable option to verify signed requests.
  • Added support to map authentication source with apps to define which app should authenticate via which source.
  • Added support to customize user self-service portal.
  • Added support to send forgot password link on phone via SMS to users.
  • Added support for adding radius clients and miniOrange as radius proxy for 2FA.
  • Added support for radius as an authentication source.
  • Linking application with the Identity Sources.
  • Support for encrypted SAML response.
  • Support for verifying signed SAML request.
  • Multiple customer requests: If the email is behind the SSO then how to reset the password? Currently, we set the password link to the email. But in this case, need an alternate way like sending OTP to the phone.
  • WP LDAP Cloud: Changes to send user attributes in LDAP gateway for wp LDAP cloud plugin.
  • Integrate their authentication source in custom OAuth as an identity source.
  • Add a feature for user re-verification after an interval of months.
  • Integrate API authentication in the identity broker flow and create a user on the fly with an encrypted username.
  • Add support for group-specific relay state for SAML apps and enforce this relay state in SP-Initiated SSO.
  • Platform Enhancement:
    • Log the IP address of the source requesting LDAP Authentication through the Cloud LDAP Plugin.
    • Get multi-valued user attributes through the LDAP Gateway.
    • LDAP Configuration fixes.
  • Added support for Palo Alto VPN and Fortigate VPN – Radius Authentication + 2FA.
  • PAP Authentication Method.
  • EAP-TLS Authentication Method.
  • OTP with Password and OTP after Password.
  • LDAP Proxy.
  • Multiple customers – 2FA on RDP via Rd Web and RDC.
  • Import Metadata.
  • Enhancement in user re-verification to run a scheduler and send email notifications
  • Support for file type in user custom attributes to upload file.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Bug fix for showing disabled users from the admin dashboard.
  • Bug fix for download app metadata from superadmin.
  • Bug fix to save AWS Cognito as an Identity Source.
  • Bug fix in user group membership API.
  • Show the first name on the user dashboard instead of a username.
  • Google Authenticator App Name Change API.
  • miniOrange as OpenID Server.