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BigCommerce User Sync & Provisioning

When you use BigCommerce Store Sync Integration, you're making sure that all your store's important information, like products, inventory, and orders, stay the same and updated everywhere they're used. This helps avoid mistakes and makes things like managing products and orders easier.

User Provisioning is like managing who can do what in your online store. You can create new accounts for people, give them certain jobs, and control what parts of the store they can use. This is important for keeping things safe, helping your team work together, and giving users a customized experience if they have accounts on your site. Both of these things together make your online store work better, be safer, and grow smoothly.


  • Prerequisites to provision users in BigCommerce
    • Setup BigCommerce as an Authentication source in miniOrange using this link

Provisioning & Deprovisioning Scenarios

miniOrange provides Provisioning solutions for all scenarios of user management (provisioning), which includes AD Integration, LDAP Integration and automated provisioning for all External Applications such as BigCommerce, Google Workspace, Workday, etc

Follow the step-by-step guide given below to setup BigCommerce Provisioning

1. Setup Provisioning for BigCommerce

  • Login into miniOrange Admin Console.
  • Go to Users → User Profile Field option. Add an attribute with field name as id and field type as text box.
  • BigCommerce Sync Integration: User Profile Fields

  • Inorder to enable provisioning of Address attributes, also add the attributes with field name as address1, city, state or province, postal code and country code. Set field type as text box. Note the custom attribute number for later use.
  • BigCommerce Sync Integration: Custom Attribute Mapping

  • Go to Provisioning section. Inside Setup Provisioning, select BigCommerce from the Dropdown menu.
  • BigCommerce Sync Integration: Setup Provisioning

  • For enabling Provisioning of BigCommerce, mapping of id attribute is mandatory. Additionally, for address provisioning; address1, city, state_or_province, postal_code and country_code attribute should also be mapped.
  • BigCommerce Sync Integration: BigCommerce Provisioning Enable

2. Import Users

  • To import the users from BigCommerce, go to the Import Users tab.
  • Select the BigCommerce from the drop-down menu and click on import.
  • BigCommerce Provisioning Import User

  • Once the import is done. You can view these users in Users >> User List

3. Create Users

  • To create a user in miniOrange , Go to Users >> User List >> click on the Add User button.
  • Fill out user basic information and click on Create User button.
  • BigCommerce Provisioning Add User

4. Edit Users

  • To update user profile, Go to Users >> User List.
  • Select a particular user and in Actions dropdown select Edit.
  • BigCommerce Provisioning Select Edit User

  • Fill out user updated information and click on Save button.
  • BigCommerce Provisioning Edit User

5. Delete Users

  • To delete user, Go to Users >> User List.
  • Select a particular user and in Actions dropdown select Delete.
  • BigCommerce Provisioning Select Delete User

  • A pop up will appear in which click on Yes button.
  • BigCommerce Provisioning Delete User

6. Password Sync

  • To send password sync emails to the users with link to reset their Office 365 account password, Go to Users >> User List and click on Onboarding Status tab.
  • Select users and in Select Action dropdown select Send Activation Mail with Password Reset Link.
  • Click on Apply.
  • BigCommerce Sync Integration: Office 365 Provisioning Password Sync

  • Click on the activation link and it will direct to reset password.
  • Once, the new password is set it will be synced.

7. BigCommerce Webhook Setup

Syncing BigCommerce users in Real-time

Creating, updating or deleting user in BigCommerce will automatically perform the respective operation in miniOrange. In order to do this, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • Login to your miniOrange account from here.
  • If you already have SSO setup for BigCommerce using miniOrange, then you can simply edit the existing BigCommerce app and copy the app secret.
  • Else, refer the following steps:
    • Go to Apps -> Add Application -> JWT -> BigCommerce.
    • BigCommerce Provisioning : Add Application

      BigCommerce Provisioning : Search for JWT

      BigCommerce Provisioning : Select Bigcommerce

    • Enter a custom app name. Enter Redirect URL of your choice.
    • Turn off the Show On End User Dashboard option. Save the app.
    • BigCommerce Provisioning : Add BigCommerce application in miniOrange dashboard

      BigCommerce Provisioning : Disable Enduser Dashboard

    • Now, Edit the saved app. Click on Customize near Client ID and fill the Client Id obtained from BigCommerce credential file.
    • Copy the App secret and save it somewhere for later use.
    • Copy Access token from the file and paste it in Client Token field.
    • BigCommerce Provisioning : Edit application

    • Save all the changes.
  • Now, Webhook can be created by following two ways:

  • Open this website.
  • Click on Try It.
  • Enter the Store hash and Access token. Click on Update request profile.
  • BigCommerce Provisioning : Create Webhook

  • Inside the request body, enter the following details:
  • { "headers": { "app-secret": "appSecret" }, "scope": "store/customer/*", "destination": "https://login.xecurify.com/services/api/provisioning/webhook/bigcommerce/syncusers/{customerId}", "is_active": true }
  • Replace appSecret with the app secret obtained from miniOrange BigCommerce app.
  • BigCommerce Provisioning : bigcommerce website add body

  • At last, click on Send Run request button.
  • Now, Creating/Updating/deleting a user in BigCommerce will Create/Update/Delete the user in miniOrange.
  • Alternatively, using Postman app, perform a Post call to the URL https://api.bigcommerce.com/stores/{Store_hash}/v3/hooks
  • Set header as X-Auth-Token and set its value as the Access Token obtained from BigCommerce credential file.
  • BigCommerce Provisioning : Postman app set header

  • Inside body as JSON, enter following details
  • { "headers": { "app-secret": "appSecret" }, "scope": "store/customer/*", "destination": "https://login.xecurify.com/services/api/provisioning/webhook/bigcommerce/syncusers/{customerId}", "is_active": true }
  • Replace appSecret with the app secret obtained from miniOrange BigCommerce app.
  • BigCommerce Provisioning : Postman app add body

  • At last, click on Send button.
  • Now, Creating/Updating a user in BigCommerce will Create/Update the user in miniOrange.

View Provisioning Reports

How to access Provisioning Reports?

  • Navigate to the Reports in the left-hand navigation pane and select Provisioning Report.
  • Provisioning Report

  • Filter the reports by specifying Enduser Identifier and Application Name criteria. Additionally, choose the desired timespan for the reports. Once done, click on the Search.
  • Search Provisioning Report

  • Alternatively, you can directly click on Search to retrieve all provisioning reports based on time without applying any specific filters.

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